Sometimes, getting to a place in your life where you feel successful can feel like going through a maze. Just when you think that you have the right course figured out, you feel like you have reached a dead end, and after several dead ends you might even think that there is no real way out of the maze itself. Several defeats in a row may make you think that you simply cannot accomplish your goal, but every single defeat is telling you an important truth.   Walking It Off When you take a loss, lose a client, or end up making the wrong gamble, it can throw your entire game off. Keeping yourself motivated in the face of adversity can seem difficult if you imagine that adversity is all there is. But you can and will stand up and walk away from these and other problems as long as you remember that problems have solutions. Every fault or defeat proves a flaw, and flaws can be fixed. Learn to identify how past errors may lead to future successes.   Putting Together the Puzzle, One Piece at a Time Everyone has heard the phrase that Rome was not built in a day, but have they ever really considered what it means? If success could be achieved in a straight line with no deviations from the original course, then goals could be met quickly and easily by almost anyone; but there are always going to be new variables to consider. These variables include failures and successes, but regardless of which you experience, you can use those experiences as bricks in your own city.   There is No Rush, Period. Many make the mistake of setting themselves up with deadlines, which are really just indicators of saying that if you do fail, this will be when you fail. The truth is that failure and success do not really follow those timetables just because you put them in place. Each one will act accordingly, and it is up to you to follow where they lead. They march, you follow.   The Rules of the Road Success is something that you can control but you also must invite the opportunities for success to occur. In this way you will see the motivation you are seeking produce results. True motivation is the will to move forward, one step at a time, and you must reach your destination regardless of how many times you may stumble.