All successful people have one thing in common – Motivation. Unlike other people who whine about failing and jut stop trying, motivated people never stop believing in themselves and keep on trying until they actually succeed. They don't stop there because the fact remains that success is not just for one time. To be successful one needs to be effective. To achieve goals and soar higher in life you need to keep yourself motivated. You should have an inner power and strength to fight and succeed. The only reason is because they are motivated. Now you might ask what keeps such successful people motivated? It is the 7 secret habits of highly motivated people that keeps them striving for more. You should learn and implement the same for your benefit. Be positive. Being positive about yourself, life and success is what you first need for motivation. With faith you can conquer anything in the world, and you might have heard this ample times from all the great men. So, if you really want to get motivated you need to know the 7 secret habits of highly motivated people.  Here is how you can work on them: 1. Be proactive: Don't let any outside negative influence take charge over your life. You should only listen to yourself and do what you feel is best. Depending on yourself helps you to have faith. This would make you independent and in turn act as a motivation. 2. First thing's first:  it is vital that you learn the importance of what should come first in your life. Prioritize and act accordingly. 3. Keep the end in mind: Always focus on the end. Decide on your goal and then work on your efforts. It is going to be easier for you to succeed and stay motivated. 4. The win-win attitude: Always keep an attitude of winning. Never feel low, imbibe this in your character so that you can have long term goals achieved. 5. First understand, then be understood:  To stay motivated, you first need to understand what message  you want to convey, this would automatically help to make other people listen and understand you. 6. Synergyze:  Working together helps you to stay motivated. You should always work together as a team so that you can come together and make the right decision. 7. Sharpen the Saw: Know yourself throughly. Keep your body, mind and spirit sharpened for growth. Keeping yourself fit would always keep you motivated. Above are the 7 secret habits of highly motivated people which you should inculcate in yourself if you want motivation to guide your life today! For more on 7 secret habits of highly motivated people, visit Doug Dvorak.