You can read all of the books and listen to all of the motivational speakers you want, but if it were as easy as absorbing information and then embodying everything that you learn, everyone you know would be a success. The truth of the matter is that learning and listening are not enough. Success starts with you by taking advantage of the opportunities in front of you. A Beggar and a King If you have known successful people in your life, and you have known people who are still striving to achieve some success, then you may be able to identify certain traits that each party holds. What you may not see is that these people, in different circumstances, could be interchangeable. A king could easily be a beggar without his crown, and a beggar might be royal if he found a crown to wear. The Waves of Change It is not enough to know what success is, or to feel like you want to be successful. You have to open yourself to success. If you think of life as being an ocean, then you are on its waves. One wave could push you away from what you want, and another could push you toward it. Some people coast, and some people swim, but you will never get anywhere if you do not make yourself buoyant. Create Your Own Opportunity With all of this talk about what life can throw at you, you may begin to think that fate may decide to make you successful one day. The truth is that there is action in everything; action is a movement or a change in direction, and it can happen at any time. You can react to it, or you can create your own action. Knowing the right balance of doing both could get you onto exactly the right path. Reap the Rewards When you have been successful in anything, even if it is a small venture, then take everything that you can from the experience so that you will have the force of character to move to the next step. Even if all you win from a venture is the experience of how to do greater things, it will mean that you are a much richer person than you were before. Embrace the idea of rewards that are beyond monetary value, and you will find yourself to be less of a beggar, and more of a king.