There has been much written of late on the topics of time and money management, but not much has ever been mentioned about “Smile Management”.  According to David H. Song, MD, FACS, plastic surgeon and assistant professor at the University of Chicago Hospitals it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown; ergo, you should smile. Happiness, it seems, is the lazy person's emotion. Let’s now consider time, specifically, one minute, it never seems like a lot of time, but never underestimate the cumulative effect and value of each minute that we live. You can’t mange time, all you can do is manage yourself with respect to time!  Benjamin Franklin once said, “ If we take care of the minutes, the years will take care of themselves.” Assume now that a minute is worth a penny and suppose you began to double that penny each day for a month.  At the end of a week you would only have 64 pennies.  That may not seem like a lot of money to you, but at the end of the month, you would have accumulated 536,870,912 pennies. Translated into dollars, that’s $5,368,709.12, not too bad! Now if we apply that same principal to “Smile Management” and we smile once every minute, just think of how much better we will feel and how we will brighten other people’s lives. Some of the benefits are amazing and include:
  • Establishing new and healthy relationships
  • Reestablishing and reconnecting with old friends and relatives
  • An increased sense of well-being
  • Decreased stress
  • More energy
I encourage you to smile more at home, at the office and with your friends.  You will find this to be one of the keys to a happier you!