There are tons of motivational tools that are really more like guidelines to keep motivated or to help you motivate others. Motivational tools that are worth the money have to offer some form of tangible results or provide something people can see and feel. Here are a few options that will help you narrow down your search.  
  • Motivational Software: There are many forms of motivational and goal setting software you can use for your personal purposes or to track the progress for sales and other targets. Effective goal setting can be an easy way to help people see they are making progress, which is always a great motivator. Team tracking is easy with motivational software that can be used for everything from performance to training and month to month tracking of quotas and other company set goals. Staff can also access software that allows them to steer clear of cumbersome spread sheets and begin tracking their efforts in real time. Information can be accessible for managers who need to watch progress of team members as well. You can even have customized software designed to help you keep track of your specific requirements.
  • Motivational Speaker: Many people underestimate the power of a motivational speaker. When you have experienced poor moral, had to undergo lay offs or have a new structure within your business it can have a very negative effect on your business. Motivational speakers can come in and offer a fresh face and new perspective to staff in order to help turn things around. Often the same words from the same leaders can begin to lack sincerity. A motivational speaker has the skills to reach people and engage them in a way that is enlightening and productive. You can discuss your issues and challenges so they can target their speech to resonate with the audience. This will help people become motivated again and see that change is not only a necessity to move forward, but can even make their lives better.
  • Team Building/Appreciation Events: Getting away from the office to participate in a team building event is a good way for teams to reconnect. People get to let off steam and enjoy themselves for a day or night and come back refreshed and ready to get back to work stronger. Whether it is an annual golf tournament, a special dinner or an event like an awards night you will be showing your team they are appreciated. A pat on the back goes a long way and a night or day of free food, entertainment and drinks speaks volumes to many people who might be feeling a little neglected.
Motivational tools such as these can help your team with little effort or investment on your part. Doug Dvorak is a humorist, motivator and keynote speaker. He is available for conferences, seminars and events. Visit for more information.