Share a really fun and humorous radio commercial: Husband:     How did we get into this anyway? Wife:             Who knows, we tried to make it work. Husband:     Well, I guess it's over. Wife:             We better get on with it. Husband:     Okay, you get the car. Wife:             Right. Husband:     I get the sofa bed.  You get the fridge. Wife:             Right. Husband:     I get the Bell System Yellow Pages Directory.  You get the... Wife:             Hold on -- that doesn't mean the Gold Pages Coupon Section, does it? Husband:     Why, sure it does. Wife:             I get the Gold Pages Coupons. Husband:     Well come on -- you're getting the bedroom set too. Wife:             You can have the bedroom set.  I want the Gold Pages Coupons good for       discounts at local merchants. Husband:     I'll tell you what. Wife:             What? Husband:     I'll throw in the oil painting and the end tables. Wife:             I want the Gold Pages. Husband:     Look, you can have everything else.  Just let me keep the Gold Pages Coupons. Wife:             Get off your knees.  You really want them that bad? Husband:     I do absolutely. Wife:             We could split them. Husband:     You mean...tear them apart? Wife:             You're won't work. Husband:     No. Neither will this. Wife:             It won't work. Husband:     You mean... Wife:             We'll just have to stay together. Husband:     Dolores -- what a mistake we almost made. Wife:             Lorraine. Husband:     Lorraine -- what a mistake we almost made. Wife:             Who's Dolores?