Ralph Wiley was one of twelve children, yet he says it wasn't hard life.  When Ralph was in fifth grade, the teacher told him to go outside to get a whip, because she wanted to whip one of the students. He got the whip and stood in the door way with it, "If you want it come and get it, because I am not coming back in."  That was his last day of school. When his brother Cliff died, Ralph got diabetes and lost both legs. Now he lives in a nursing home, and he likes it.  He rolls around in his wheelchair and is a happy person who feels life has been good to him.  Why? "I just do," he says.  "I get in bed by myself.  I go to the bathroom by myself.  I made my bed myself yesterday." We all make our own beds, and we all have to lie in them. It is neither wealth nor reputation but tranquility and occupation which give happiness. (References:  All that is beautiful Life, 2007, Concentric Press)