There are a lot of things that can hold you back in the world of sales. One of those things is the negativity which you can begin to gather from other people just as much as yourself. Depending on how open you are as a person, you may begin to find that the negativity and doubt of others will weigh heavily upon both your mind and your sales performance. While some may try to offer advice in an attempt to “protect,” others do so with the intent to “project;” they push their own fears and apprehensions on you. Learn the difference. Protective Advice from Peers You will find that there are those who are more experienced than you are, and that those people may have an opinion to offer as to how you can improve your sales performance. That advice, to some, may seem to be golden. To others, it may seem to just be an attempt to either dissuade you, or to derail your success. Understand that there are those within your structure of peers who may want to make sure that you are on the right path, because your success could mean success for them as well. Take “protective” advice whenever it is given. Projection and Why It Hurts Your Sales When I mention “projection,” I am not talking about the idea of looking toward the future of your sales. I am referring to those who project their own fears or misgivings onto your situation, regardless of whether or not they are appropriate. Someone who has been burned on a sale, for example, may project a past failure onto your own current situation when they give you advice. Understand the difference between protective advice, and projective advice, because most often you will find that the two sound similar but play out differently in action. Human Speed Bumps and How to Avoid Them The worst manifestations of those who project are those who become obstacles in your path to better sales strategies. These may actually be more or less common in your situation depending on how closely you work with your peers, but you will inevitably run into someone who actively wants to block your progress, either for their own personal gain or to make sure that you do not rise to a position of prominence. Instead of attempting to go over them, go around them; analyze their strategy and their approach, and then simply bypass whatever it is that they are doing to impede your sales progress.