A motivated man thinks differently from someone who is unmotivated, but you may be wondering how that could be helpful to you if you happen to be the one who lacks motivation. It is not enough to know that you are missing a key ingredient that could drive your sales to a higher level. You also need to know why you are missing it, and how you can gain it for yourself. By looking at the habits behind a motivated man, you may understand more about how to improve your own sales game. Taking the Initiative A real king does not need to be told that he is royalty; he already knows it. Likewise, if you think of yourself as someone who is not deserving of gaining the sales or profitability that is clearly before you, you may have trouble really grasping opportunities. A motivated salesman will always grab the opportunities that are presenting themselves. Communication is Key to Confidence Without knowing what is currently going on, how can you have any sort of confidence? If one of the pillars of motivation is the confidence to move forward with your sales, then you need to build that confidence. Building confidence means having clear communications with your clients, co-workers, and suppliers. A motivated man does not just coast by, waiting for things to fall into place. He will always make sure that everything is right on course so that he can remain confident about himself and his work. Knowing When to Step Back There is a big difference between motivation and blind ambition. There are times when your steps forward have to halt. Sometimes, a sale will actually benefit if you give your buyer some breathing room so that they can reflect on what you have said. Some salesmen think that constantly applying pressure is the best method, but it may yield some false positives. What a buyer agrees to under such pressure, they may change their mind on at a later date. Past Victories, Future Rewards The motivated man is always thinking ahead. One big sale is never enough of a win to rest or stop. Instead, those breaks should be taken when they are most appropriate. It could be when a client needs space, or when you just feel as though the sale would benefit most from a proper review. But motivation also means letting the process happen after you have guided it along. Be confident in your sales, and you will find that motivation will naturally follow.