Goals are important, but are they the end all, be all, of life? Your goals could change midstream, and before you know it, everything that you have built up could be made obsolete because of the change. How do you adapt to these changes when you have been working so hard in one line for so long? The answer may be easier than you think.

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The Lines on a Map Your goal may be something simple, like owning your own home or starting your own business. For many Americans, this is a very attainable goal to have, but what happens if your life changes suddenly? How do you respond if your new goal conflicts with your old goal? If your new goal, for example, is going to be cross country travel, then how will a house fit into those plans? Instead of focusing on the destination, you should instead think about why you want to reach it. Analyzing the Destination To return to the idea of owning a home, what you may want is financial stability and something that you can call your own. You may want something that you can invest money into, and then get a return on should you ever need to sell it. What originally seems like a goal of having stability in your life could instead be more about freedom than you ever realized. Look at what your goals are telling you, and understand that these “meta-goals” are your actual destination. Following the Weather Vane Navigation toward what you want out of life can be difficult, especially if you are looking to go against the changes that life is throwing at you with a destination already in mind. There are times when you may need to change course to reach what you really want out of life. By paying attention to these changes and knowing when they happen, you may actually be able to reach your true goals. Understanding the Meta-goal To get what you want out of life, you will need to know what you want out of life in the first place. Abstract concepts like security, freedom, or progress can all take different forms, small or large. A small step forward is worth more than a thousand leaps into the wrong direction, which is exactly why you will want to analyze what your goals are really telling you, and follow the “meta-goal” instead.