Motivation is the force that moves and guides us all. Without motivation, there would be no innovation, no future to speak of, and no reason to wake up in the morning. We all need motivation to accomplish what we set out to do. We are never lacking in motivation, only in keys to free it from its prison. 1) Find Your Goal Some people say that accomplishment is, in large part, a matter of luck and opportunity. Without the right motivation, you may not be able to recognize when you have been dealt a great hand by life. Motivation is, ultimately, the key toward recognizing the right path to take. Take stock of your goals, and you will find that you will have the motivation to take advantage of any opportunity that comes your way. 2) Learn Your Limits and Break Them Without mountains, we would never know how high we could climb. If you feel that you have limitations in your life, whether they are internal or external, then they will need to be broken. Identify the limits that are placed on you, and then list the ways that you can break them. You may be surprised at what your list tells you. 3) Never Lose Hope It can be easy to get discouraged, even if you have been successful so far. All it takes is one bad day to make a whole year seem like a down note. Life is like the waves of an ocean sometimes, and although waves may rise and fall, your boat needs to stay upright if you want to get to your destination. Never abandon ship because the waters have gotten choppy. Adjust your course, or ride it out. Feel your way through the situation. 4) Inspiration is Where You Least Expect It Your mind is like a flower bed. If you close it off, nothing will grow. Keep an open mind, and a small seed of an idea can grow into something larger. Inspiration may be found in the most unlikely places. If you search, keep an open mind and stay alert - it may find you when you least expect it. 5) Finding Motivation Motivation and inspiration do not come from magical places, lucky charms, or advisers. It occurs inside of you, not outside of you. You need to see what you need the most in order to succeed. Motivation sometimes lies in the blank parts of the page, not in the text itself.