Writing emails that your clients and prospects hate is a common problem for sales teams. Rather than trying to get your message across or add in another “pitch” slogan, try to add value to the customer’s day. Offering a downloadable tool that can ease data transfer or help them market their business can offer immediate value without costing your own company much at all. Find great ways to engage your prospects by offering free tools, downloads, helpful tips and more. Here are a few of the most common emails prospects hate. Loud Emails: Lots of Bold and Big Fonts Emails That Prospects Hate Emails with large fonts, tons of exclamation points, and words like extreme, massive and huge, can be immediately overbearing. Writing loud (with too many exclamation points) and in large font to a prospect is like wearing a red shirt to a black-tie event and then telling bad jokes all night. You are not likely to close any sales at that dinner party! Loud emails that do not add value to the client’s day often do not attract prospects and are usually a waste of time, unless you are celebrating a client’s birthday. Then be as loud as you want! Emails that re too long Will Bore Your Prospect and Kill your Sales Opportunity Emails that drag on with case studies or statistics about how the prospect should buy, buy, buy can put the reader right to sleep. Most prospects do not read beyond the first two or three paragraphs. You must start out calmly and demonstrate you can add value to the customer’s sales or marketing efforts, and then build to your overall message without being too wordy. This might take several emails before you get to your final “sales message.” Emails That Offer Too Many Sales Pitches Are One of the Most Overused Types of “Bad Email” If you are in sales, you have heard the phrase, “the best salespeople never have to sell at all,” 1000 times before. Sure, that sounds great, but what does it mean for your everyday emails and meetings with prospects? The phrase means that the best salespeople are never shooting off company slogans, product pitch lines and well-known catchphrases. Great salespeople are just great people who continually offer value to the people around them. If you want to engage high quality prospects in today’s market you need to offer them “value” through free tools, downloads, email newsletters, quick tips or hundreds of other options. Continual testing will help you find out what works best as a tool to help you get your foot in the door. One of the most common New Age sales practices today is to give away an informational product or one of your base package services for free. The up-sell opportunities and future services that you will be able to offer after creating the new relationship from the free giveaway will far exceed the initial lost revenue. Obviously as a salesperson, you know that you live and die by the number of new prospects you can bring into your company. Remember, a great sales person never sells a thing and always gives away information, tools and ultimate value in the beginning of any new relationship. Reach more customers by writing real emails that really give back something to the reader in the first one to two paragraphs without being loud or using too many words. Avoid the above obnoxious emails and you should start to see your sales conversions and closed deals increase. The Sales Coaching Institute provides 1 on 1 sales coaching that can help you improve your digital prospecting.