Do You Have Your Motivational MBA – Motivation Build Attitude? Without the right attitude, you are going to find it difficult to build the motivation you need in order to reach higher levels of success and importance. It goes without saying that ambition is often the driving force behind some of the greatest figures that you, and the world, will ever know; ambition is the feeling of wanting to grasp more for yourself, and to carve out a place for yourself in life. If you have the right attitude to build motivation, then you are going to find ambition. Open Yourself to Change Part of building motivation is being aware that there are parts of you that can, and should, change. There are plenty of ways that already make you a great salesperson, and you may already be aware of them, but there are also ways to improve your profile and increase your ability to close on sales, or to gain leads. You need to be aware of what these changes could be, and the best way to do that is to make yourself open to criticism and change in general. Closing yourself off is a bad way to grow. Think Positive, Act Positive, Speak Positive You may have heard of a simple improvisation technique of saying “yes, and” instead of “no, but.” The idea is that you are leading off of an idea by saying “yes, and,” whereas saying “no, but” essentially closes you off from furthering a thread of thoughts. You want to be in the “yes, and” category. Being a “yes, and” thinker means being able to follow threads of progression, to carry those threads out whenever you think they will be of the most benefit, and to really push your sales with positivity and possibility as the prime motivators. Reward Yourself with the Future It can be easy to be motivated, and then to let that motivation wane as you gain success. Instead of thinking of the present as being your reward, let the future be its own reward as well. If you have already set up a successful sales structure or chain, let that be your reward, because it is going to guarantee that you will follow up on your work to continue to reap that reward. Instead of only thinking of the reward system as something that happens in the here and now, go for the long game, and you will see a much greater line of success in sales.