Whether you realize it or not, you have the power to develop and enforce some fundamental changes in your life. It has been said that it takes the average adult at least thirty days to successfully begin a new habit, but until you start the first day of change, you will never get to day thirty. One thing that you will need to know is that in order to change, you have to be willing to accept that there are things you are doing right now that are wrong, or at the very least not as right as they could be. You have to also accept the fact that being comfortable does not always mean being successful. Find Your Spark in the Dark Change can begin in a lot of ways. Sometimes it happens out of necessity, but that is not typical for everyone. Instead, where most change begins is with a small idea. All it takes is a “spark,” some fundamental understanding that you did not have before, to begin the process of a complete transformation. Maybe you had an idea that made you stop and think. You need to learn to seize those pauses, and realize that it may be your mind telling you that you need to change direction. Embrace Your Fears The difference between successful people and those who are struggling is not how afraid they are to make changes, but how they treat that fear. You can choose to listen to the fear itself, and turn away from changes and opportunity, or you can embrace the fear by taking a long, hard look at why it is in you. The roots of fear lie in the soil of change itself. Climb Up, and Help Others No man or woman is an island. Being successful, and becoming a more successful person, can mean changing the people around you for the better as well. You will need to understand and develop important relationships in your life before you improve, and oftentimes that will mean bringing others with you as you make important improvements. There is No Horizon Everything that you do, and all the ways that you improve, do not end once you reach a certain level. You can always become more successful. Never rest on your laurels, and keep moving forward, even if you are taking small steps. Forward momentum, regardless of the speed, is what carries you to the life that you want to lead. Think forward.