Society has set up benchmarks and accomplishments that most of us use as guidelines to help lay out the course of our life and determine whether or not we’ve been successful. These benchmarks include attending a good college and graduating with a degree in a respectable field, getting a respectable job that pays a good wage, getting married and having a few children, and putting money aside for retirement.  For some people sticking to the guidelines and conforming to society standards is perfectly fine. But for some of us, it’s not enough. On paper it looks like you have the perfect life, but when you’re completely honest with yourself, you realize you’re not happy. While there’s nothing wrong with having a conventional job, you shouldn’t allow yourself to think that it’s your only option. Believe it or not, you have other choices. If going to work every single day and dealing with a temperamental boss gives you a constant headache, you might want to look at other methods for earning a living. Don’t discount the internet. It’s possible to earn a very respectable income via the internet. I know because I do, and I’ve never been happier or more relaxed about my career. While using the internet to generate an income isn’t without some risk, right now there really isn’t any such thing as a risk free career. Turning on the news confirms this. Hordes of factory workers get laid off every single day, restaurant employees’ show up to work and find the doors locked, and teachers have been forced into early retirement. I’ve come to the conclusion that conventional jobs aren’t any more secure than my slightly unconventional method for earning money. I’ve spent years observing people and the one thing I’ve noticed is that those who  conform to society standards and follow the well-traveled  path, the one that seems the safest, aren’t always the happiest. On the other hand, my friends and colleagues who’ve strayed from the norm, and who’ve taken chances and don’t always seem to be in the safest of situations are often full of peace and inner contentment. Not only do they smile more, but they also seem to be less troubled by some of the health problems, including heart problems, anxiety, and depression that my friends who’ve stuck to the conventional path seem to be plagued by. The other thing I’ve observed about my friends who’ve taken a different kind of path and have not tried to force themselves to be average is that even though they might be leading what some consider a riskier lifestyle, they’ve become so adaptable and skilled, that when blindsided by the unexpected, they simply adjust, change gears, and go with the flow. So stay chipper and carry on, your motivational speaker, Doug Dvorak.