Even the best sales teams often hit roadblocks that they find difficult to overcome. One month sales might be through the roof, and other months they may be extremely poor. Rather than brushing this aside and blaming it on the economy, weather, or something else, sales leaders need to take a hard look at the way their sales teams are handling customers and transactions. If sales dip repeatedly, then sales team members could become discouraged, which just exacerbates the problem. Whatever is wrong, they need to get to the root of the problem fast. Below are 5 quick fix solutions to get your sales team back on the right track. motivational picture
  1. Collaborate: To fix your sales problems, you first need to figure out what is wrong. You can start finding the answer to that question by holding a team meeting with your sales team. Ask several questions in the meeting about where things might be going wrong, and listen to what your sales team has to say. These people are professionals, so they will probably have valuable input. Utilizing them as a part of the solution will boost their morale.
  1. Put a Plan of Action in Place: Once you have a good indication of what might be wrong, you need to implement a solid plan of action to resolve the problem. Whether your issue is lack of motivation, bad sales practices, or any other issue, you need to find a resolution that will fix the issue quickly. Make sure everyone on the sales team has input in how the issue will be resolved.
  1. Evaluate Techniques: If you are experiencing problems with your sales team, it could be because some of your procedures are flawed. Take a good look at yourself to determine whether or not your managing techniques are part of the problem. Keep an open mind, and see if there are areas where you could do things better to help your sales team. Sales leaders often need to improve as well.
  1. Reward Great Performance: One of the best ways to keep your sales team happy is to reward them for a job well done. Whether it is a simple acknowledgement, or a cash reward, they will feel appreciated. Incentives to do better will give your team something positive to work towards.
  1. Sales Trainer/Motivational Speaker: Hiring a quality sales trainer or motivational speaker, such as Doug Dvorak, will bolster your sales team for sure. A sales trainer can give your team the ability to see things in different ways. They will gain plenty of insight, and they will be eager to try out the new techniques that they have learned. Sales will increase more often than not when you have one of these professionals speak to your employees.
  URB: Doug Dvorak is a sales trainer and motivational speaker that is based in Chicago, Illinois. He brings a humorous approach that gives people the inspiration they need to excel in everything they do.