Do you have a "well-disciplined" child or animal?  If so, it probably took a lot of hard work to get them where they are today and maintaining their behavior is an ongoing project.  Sometimes, even the well-disciplined will have an off-day where they will have some misbehavior.  This is to be expected will all types of self-discipline, so do not be alarmed if you are working on this, just know that you have to keep going with your regular routine.

1.  Know what your goal is. Is it weight that you want to lose and maintain?  Are you trying to become a vegetarian, stop drinking alcohol or quit smoking?  All of these things and many other big decisions take self-discipline and are all something that you will have to deal with on a daily basis.  Make this goal something that is important to you that you are willing to work on for long-term. 2.  Set yourself up for success. If you tend to go out to eat every day for lunch, or hang out with people that tend to always drink, think about changing what you would typically do instead of setting yourself up for failure.  Being around others or going to places where you are going to be tempted to do whatever it is that you are trying to discipline yourself from is going to make it harder for you to keep going on the right track. 3.  Start small, think long-term. Most of us are not automatically going to be self-disciplined against something the day that we make the decision to be.  These things to take time, and by starting small you can build yourself up to being completely self-disciplined.  When wanting to lose weight, start by finding whatever it is that you may do that takes in the most calories.  Cut back on sodas or snacking on fatty foods.  If wishing to stop smoking, start by cutting back one or two a day and work your way up. 4.  Maintain your self-discipline. Once you are able to distance yourself from whatever it is you want to get away from, it is important to keep working at it.  Remember that it is okay to treat yourself to something every once in a while, such as a piece of chocolate or hanging out in places where your old habits may be present as long as you are able to control yourself.  Remember that you are responsible for taking care of yourself and making your life worthwhile.  You can do it!