Are you struggling to find motivation to complete a major goal or tackle a big project that you have been working on forever? If you need help drumming up some extra passion to push you through, check out these 10 powerful motivational thoughts and then reread them aloud anytime you are struggling. You might want to post them somewhere in your office or home so you encounter them anytime you start feeling discouraged. Use these thoughts as a way to propel you forward to the success you have been dreaming of.

  1. Doubters Speak From Their Own Pain. If you have someone in your life that constantly doubts your ability to succeed, remember that they are speaking from their own experiences. They believe that they could not do it and so they are projecting this feeling onto you. Pay them no attention. Their experiences can never determine yours.   2. Kindness Conquers Everything. When someone is giving you problems and you feel tempted to respond in anger or frustration, remember that kindness conquers everything. Kindness is never a form of weakness, but instead it shows an inner strength that few possess.   3. Beware of Your Internal Bully.  Sometimes we grow offended when others tear us down or speak out against our goals. However, do you act equally offended when your own inner voice speaks against you in doubt or fear? Each of us has an inner bully that we must silence if we want to accomplish our goals. Make sure you are aware of that small voice inside and learn to conquer it by speaking truth when those doubts or fears arise.   4. Negativity Comes From a Place of Immaturity. If you have a negative person in your life that is constantly dragging you down, consider the maturity level of your antagonist. In most cases, you will notice an inner child that is speaking out of fear, uncertainty, or simply lack of knowledge. Maturity is a hallmark of positive living and so keep that in mind when you assess the words of your antagonist.   5. You Are Not Defined By Your Circumstances. You might be tempted to base your worth or your well being on your life’s current circumstances, but this is an urge that you must overcome in order to succeed. Your external circumstances can never altar who you are.   6. Money Cannot Buy Happiness.  Take a look at the societies of the world today and you will find that some of the wealthiest people are also struggling heavily with depression. Money is not the key to unlocking happiness. Just because you have financial security, this will not equate to emotional security.   7. The World Is Yours to Conquer. There is no limit to what you can accomplish. Allow yourself to dream big and open yourself up to a new realm of possibilities.   8. You Only Get One Life. This is your one shot at life. How will you use this opportunity? Will you spend your days pursuing selfish gain or battling your own emotions? Take a look at the big picture and determine if you are spending your life wisely.   9. You Can Do Anything! There is no great limit on your potential. In fact, the only thing holding you back is your own fear and doubt.   10. You Are Loved. No matter what your life looks like, you were created with great love and there are people who love you. Try to see yourself through the eyes of others and you will realize that you truly are a masterpiece worthy of love.