Doug Dvorak is a motivational keynote speaker, certified sales trainer, management consultant, and a corporate humorist. While Doug holds a BA in Business Administration and a MBA in Marketing Management, as a graduate of the Player’s Workshop from the improvisational comedy school of the Second City, Doug exemplifies that business can be professional without being boring.

Doug Dvorak supports clients through productivity trainings, corporate humor and workshops, and other aspects of sales and marketing management. Doug is the CEO of The Sales Coaching Institute a worldwide sales training and sales management training firm. As both a corporate humorous keynote speaker and a professional motivational speaker Doug works with businesses of varying sizes as well as individual investors and self-starting entrepreneurs. He provides keynote presentations on motivation, customer service, sales, laughter, team building, and branding.

But what is it that Doug Dvorak really does? Motivational humorous speakers like Doug utilize that which can improve employee productivity and increase employee enjoyment of work: Humor, Motivation & Customized Messaging. He understands that laughter can quell volatile situations, invoking real inspiration and pleasure to the most tedious activities. Although he is a highly trained professional, you might even call him a Laughter Speaker.

It’s true; humor can conjure employee and customer satisfaction seemingly out of thin air. And while this isn’t magic, some call Doug’s speaking an art. Doug Dvorak delivers energetic and interactive presentations. Doug is a one of a kind funny motivational speaker for businesses that actively solicits audience participation as part of his enthusiastic yet non-threatening approach.

In addition, Doug is an active member of the National Speaker’s Association® (NSA®). Doug is an inspirational keynote speaker to management groups, business owners, and professional associations that appreciate his personalized curriculums which bring smiles to people’s faces.

Every day new clients are finding out what Doug Dvorak can do for them.

Some of Doug’s clients include…